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What does contractors insurance cover?

The list of coverage areas that need to be addressed in your contractors insurance can include:

General Liability covering claims for property damage or bodily injury that are caused in the course of your work

Workers Compensation can replace lost wages, pay medical treatment, as well as protect your business assets should an employee suffer injury

Trucks and other commercial vehicles to pay for any claims resulting from an employee’s accident while driving a company vehicle, or their own vehicle while on company time

Professional Liability covering any claims for negligence or other mistakes resulting in a loss to the customer during business activities

Builders Risk Insurance covering the loss to a building while it is still under construction

Property in transit covering equipment, and losses to goods stored (on or off your premises) or being transported to or from your premises

Contractors Tools & Equipment covering your tools and equipment on- and off-site from damage and theft

And much more!

We provide insurance for all types of contractors insurance including but not limited to:

General Contractor Insurance

Carpenter Insurance

Plumber Insurance

Handyman Insurance

Electrician Insurance

Masonry Insurance

Home Builder Insurance

Developer Insurance

Renovation Insurance

Welding Insurance

Artisan Contractors Insurance

Many more

At Kovalev Insurance, we perform a full review of your exposures to provide a comprehensive insurance program for a fair and competitive rate. Our market knowledge and access to many insurance companies enables us to offer some of the most affordable protection available, so you can easily manage your insurance costs.

Contact Kovalev Insurance today and request a complimentary consultation to ensure your property and business are properly protected.

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