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Business owners are taking notes on how to make a purchase more convenient for their clientele. Employees of our local businesses often drive to and from clients, or vendors, on daily deliveries, irregular duties or errands as requested. In addition, they may often send employees on tasks using their own personal vehicles – putting the business at risk.

While this may help keep sales on the rise, when your employee uses a vehicle for business purposes, their personal auto policy coverage no longer applies in the event of an accident, property damage or fatality caused by the employee. This is a serious distinction many business owners either don’t know, or try not to think about. Regardless this is a reality that can cost you your entire business in a single moment.

A commercial auto policy, also known as business auto, is purchased and set in place to protect the business assets and the owner if a claim were to arise during business-related travel.

Whether the driving of the vehicle is for the occasional run, a possible new venture, or a daily necessity, Kovalev Insurance is here to make sure coverage is applicable and to answer any questions you may have.

We offer many options for business auto insurance including but not limited to:

Private Passenger


• Limo/Car Service

• Taxi

• Non-Emergency Medical Transport




Much, much more

At Kovalev Insurance, our biggest assets are knowledge and an extreme dedication to customer service. We understand the industry from the inside out and will work diligently to protect your vehicles and business. We are adept at listening to your needs and writing policies without fluff. This means that your business fleet will be covered for any unforeseen problems, but you will not be left paying for coverage you do not need.

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