What Is Artisan Contractors Insurance?




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What is Artisan Contractors Insurance?

Artisan Contractors Insurance is commercial general liability insurance that protects artisan businesses from lawsuits resulting from mistakes of from damage resulting from work that the artisan performed.

What is an Artisan Business?

An artisan business is a contract business that typically involves highly skilled work and may necessitate the use of tools at a client’s premises.

Some artisan businesses are casual contractors or casual artisans. In Massachusetts, artisans include workers in skilled occupations such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and installers, decorators, roofers, exterminators, landscapers, excavators, and handymen.

What does Artisan Contractors Insurance Do?

Artisan Contractors Insurance covers damage to a client’s property or the property of a third party. Artisan Contractors Insurance also covers personal and physical injury, reputational and advertising injury, medical payments, and any action taken by an artisan against a competing company.

When is Artisan Contractors Insurance Useful?

Because Artisan Contractors Insurance is business liability coverage that protects against a broad range of liabilities, artisan contractors who work on residential or commercial properties, including carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, and builders, will all benefit if they are faced with a claim from a client, employee, or third party.

Why Should a Local Artisan Get Local Massachusetts Artisan Contractors Insurance?

Mistakes happen in any business, but in artisan business, mistakes can be very costly. A contractor installing, repairing, or doing maintenance at a home could be ruined without the right Artisan Contractors Insurance. And claims vary according to location. If an artisan business is located in Newton, Wellesley, or Needham, it is important to have an insurance broker that not only specializes in Artisan Contractors Insurance but also knows and works in Massachusetts

What Does Artisan Contractor Insurance Cover?

Artisan Contractors Insurance provides coverage for liability, equipment, and property.

For example:

•Artisan Contractors Insurance covers injuries on the job site due to negligence—if a ladder falls on someone’s foot, your Needham artisan business will be covered.

•Artisan Contractors Insurance covers bodily injury claims by third parties injured while working at one of your sites—if someone falls while working on a ladder, your Wellesley artisan business will be covered.

• Artisan Contractors Insurance covers workers’ compensation claims related to such injuries as well as legal costs associated with a claim going to court—an employee sues because they were injured on your job site, your Newton artisan business will be covered.

Artisan Contractors Insurance covers your property: a third party damages your equipment at a job site in Wellesley, and your Artisan Contractors Insurance has you covered.

• Artisan Contractors Insurance covers your property in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

• Artisan Contractors Insurance covers equipment breakdown, employee theft of your property, and employee vandalism of the client’s property.

• Artisan Contractors Insurance even covers errors in judgment—if the client makes a claim because you miss a deadline due to insufficient equipment, your Needham artisan business is covered.

Massachusetts artisans need Massachusetts Artisan Insurance. The Kovalev Insurance Agency in Newton, Massachusetts, is a top-rated independent commercial insurance agency covering artisans in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and throughout Massachusetts.

For more information on the best artisan contractor insurance coverage in Massachusetts, contact Kovalev Insurance Agency.

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