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Hazardous materials and waste are so-called because they are just that: HAZARDOUS. Their improper handling can risk the environment and human life. Because of this, anyone handling hazardous waste and materials commercially requires special licensing, including people transporting hazardous materials.


As a commercial carrier of hazardous waste in Needham, Newton, Wellesley, or the greater Boston area, you must comply with State and Federal Laws.


In Massachusetts, you must have a state-issued license to transport hazardous waste for recycling, treatment, storage, or disposal. Learn more about our Massachusetts commercial insurance coverage options.


You must also have an endorsement for environmental restoration, which means you are responsible for cleaning up spills during transit.


You must have a letter of credit or bond for $10,000.


You must provide training for ALL your employees in DOT packaging and shipping requirements, safe vehicle operation, and emergency handling procedures.


You must be certified by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunication and Energy and have no outstanding environmental compliance or enforcement issues.


Finally, you must have auto liability insurance for at least $ 1 million per accident. Talk to one of our Massachusetts commercial insurance agents to discuss your needs.


Moreover, if you transport hazardous waste by highway or across state lines, you must adhere to Federal Requirements, which include having freight insurance for up to $5 million, depending on what’s being transported, and $1.5 million for passengers, and holding a surety bond of $75,000. 

How to get the best insurance for hazardous waste transportation

For all operators of commercial vehicles, insurance is a necessity; for the transporter of hazardous waste, it is a necessity and potentially complex.


This is why hazardous waste carriers need the best insurance and the best insurance agency on their side.


Arranging all your certifications and levels of coverage can be complicated, but in Newton, Wellesley, Needham, and across the greater Boston area, transporters of hazardous waste trust the Kovalev Insurance Agency above all.


Kovalev has been insuring hazardous waste carriers for over 20 years.


Our Massachusetts commercial insurance agents are experienced with variations of commercial transportation insurance. We know it’s important to find the best price for insurance and the best coverage.


When transporting hazardous waste, you can’t leave anything to chance. When getting the best commercial transportation insurance coverage, we don't leave anything to chance.


Contact Kovalev Insurance Agency for the best Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Transportation Insurance coverage and options available. 

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