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Limousine Service Insurance is for those businesses or individuals who offer pre-arranged luxury passenger service in a luxury car. In Massachusetts, anyone operating a vehicle for commercial purposes must have commercial auto insurance with minimum liability amounts—$20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident, and $5,000 per property damaged.


Limousine Service Insurance, also known as Black Car Service insurance, includes Commercial Auto Insurance with both Bodily Insurance Liability insurance—coverage against claims involving injury to passengers—and Property Damage insurance—coverage against claims involving damage to other vehicles. But if you’re running a limousine service in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Brookline, or Massachusetts, you need insurance that covers more than just the basics.


Beyond the essentials of Commercial Auto Insurance, Limousine Service Insurance can also include personal injury protection, uninsured motorist protection, underinsured motorist protection, and medical costs.


Limousine Service Insurance also offers coverage for physical damage to your vehicle, protecting you and your vehicle if the damage is caused by a collision with another car or a stationary object, as well as damage caused by theft, vandalism, or other specified peril. Learn more about our Massachusetts transportation insurance coverage


Who Needs Limousine Service Insurance?

Whether you are a sole proprietor/driver with one limousine in Needham, MA, or a Newton-based Limousine Service business operating a fleet of cars with a team of hired drivers, you provide transportation for individuals on a for-hire basis and you need Limousine Service Insurance. We provide a wide variety of business insurance coverage in Massachusetts.


What Affects the Cost of Limousine Service Insurance?

         • Location—A limousine service operating in only the Wellesley, Massachusetts, area faces different risks than a limousine service operating between Newton, Cambridge, Logan Airport, and Back Bay Boston. If you run a limousine service in central Boston, your insurance premiums will be higher because of the statistical likelihood of getting in an accident. But if your limousine service operations area is quieter, like rural Wellesley or Needham, your Limousine Service Insurance premiums will be lower.

         • Driver history—If a driver has previously been involved in an accident of any kind, their fault or not, your premium for insuring that driver will likely be higher. How much higher will depend on the type of accident—if it involved injury to passengers, the increase is likely to be significant. But remember, if you do not include a past incident in your insurance application and it is later revealed, it could result in losing all coverage. You may be unable to renew your insurance.

         • Size and value of the vehicle being insured. The higher the car's value, the higher the Limousine Service Insurance premiums. The size of the vehicle is also a factor: a stretched limo will be more expensive to insure than a standard-sized limo of equal value simply because the stretched limo is more likely to sustain physical damage. There is more of it to hit!

         • Unique coverage needs. The type of service you offer may affect your premiums. Do you offer alcohol in the limo? Do you offer service at night or only during daylight hours? Are you transporting high-profile celebrities or public figures? Are you specializing in hen parties or stag nights? All unique needs should be disclosed when applying for Limousine Service Insurance and any could affect the premium level.


As with all insurances, the effectiveness of Limousine Service Insurance depends on the details. Those details depend on what your business is, where your business is, and how big your business is. But they will also be affected by the specifics. Kovalev Insurance Agency has advised Limousine Service businesses in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Brookline and Massachusetts for decades. 

You operate a local business, and so do we. We know your type of limousine business as well as ours. No one knows Massachusetts insurance like the top independent insurance agents at Kovalev.

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