Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance In Massachusetts?




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 You own a commercial business in Needham, Newton, or Wellesley, MA; you transport your own property; you never transport boats or marine equipment. Do you need Inland Marine Insurance? Yes. Our commercial insurance agents can help guide you through the process but here is an initial overview.


Why’s it called Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine Insurance has a confusing name. It has nothing to do with the marine industry, boats, or inland waterways. Inland Marine Insurance protects property that is being moved overland. It is an offshoot of marine insurance that emerged in the 1700s when goods were regularly moved across seas and oceans. At that time, there was no equivalent inland trade—goods weren’t moved long distances overland. But when overland transportation did develop and property owners sought insurance for their property, the insurers took what they already had and expanded it—Inland Marine Insurance had arrived.


Who needs Inland Marine Insurance?

For commercial businesses that move goods in, around, and beyond Newton, Needham, and Wellesley, MA, regularly, Inland Marine Insurance is a necessary business expense. Even if you are transporting your property, as soon as it leaves your business premises in Newton, Needham, or Wellesley, it is deemed moveable and must have Massachusetts commercial insurance coverage.


Inland Marine Insurance Covers:

Accidental damage




Inland Marine Insurance Sometimes Covers:

Water damage

Fire damage

Windstorm damage

Flood damage

Hail damage


Inland Marine Insurance Does Not Cover:

Damage from intentional acts by your employees

Wear and tear

Mechanical breakdown (unless caused by accidental damage that is covered)


Inland Marine Insurance Rarely Covers:

Damage caused by earthquake. 

Inland Marine Insurance is used by any business transporting its goods or equipment. It can include equipment being moved from one job site to another, for example, construction-site equipment being moved from one construction site to another or back to the central business property.


What is Motor Truck Cargo Insurance?

A type of Inland Marine Insurance, Motor Truck Cargo Insurance offers coverage to trucking owner-operators. A for-hire transportation company in Needham, Newton, or Wellesley, MA, that carries cargo belonging to a third party should have Motor Truck Cargo Insurance. It offers protection for both the hauler and the goods being carried.


Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is sometimes included as an endorsement to an Inland Marine Insurance policy and sometimes sold as an entirely separate policy.


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