How is Artisan Contractors Insurance Different From Other Insurance?




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Winters in Massachusetts, even southern coastal Massachusetts, are cold. Recent trends might suggest a general warming year on year, but it just takes one cold snap to freeze pipes and wreak havoc. When pipes in Newton, Wellesley, and Needham freeze, who’s liable?


An HVAC contractor in Newton, MA, installed a new heating system at a Wellesley, MA, home. The following week, the family went away for the weekend. The weather forecast was for a cold snap, so they left the heat on. Over the next few days, the frigid temperatures should have been inconsequential, but then, disaster: on the second floor, the heating failed, and the bathroom pipes froze and burst. For 24 hours, the water permeated the home's second and first floors, and the family returned to an uninhabitable home. Eventually, the Newton, MA, HVAC contractor was found liable…for the cost of repair, refurbishment, and the temporary housing of the family for the duration of the rebuild. The costs skyrocketed, but fortunately, as well as their business owner’s insurance, the contractor also had artisan contractor’s insurance.


Who needs Artisan Contractor’s Insurance?

Artisans specialize in specific areas of construction: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, installations, repairs, and upgrades. Often artisans are hired for a specific part of a larger project but also they can work independently on one-off projects, hired directly by the property owner. In either case an artisan contractor needs insurance—Artisan Contractor’s Insurance.


I have business owner’s insurance, should I also get Artisan Contractor’s Insurance?

The best Massachusetts business owners’ insurance offers general coverage but the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance offers specific coverage for the specific risks involved in the artisan’s trade.


When the heating fails in a Needham, MA, home and the HVAC installer is held responsible, their Massachusetts Artisan Contractor’s Insurance has them covered.


When an electrical fire is caused by a faulty switch and the electrician who installed it is deemed liable, their Artisan Contractor’s Insurance has them covered.


When a small flood occurs during the installation of a new bathroom in Wellesley, MA, and the plumber is found liable, their Artisan Contractor’s Insurance has them covered.


MA specialists require specialist insurance.


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