Whether you’re a home owner, condo owner, renter, or a landlord, we will work with you to find a home insurance policy that fits your needs. We specialize in making it easy to choose the insurance coverage that gives you the best value for the best price.

Your home insurance policy is made up of the specific options you choose. How much you'll pay for your policy depends on several factors including:

Options you select

Typically homeowners insurance options are priced individually, so how much you'll pay for your policy depends on which coverages you buy.

How much you want to cover

Higher deductibles usually lower your premium price by shifting part of the loss payment to you. A higher deductible results in a lower premium. Since homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy, it is typically advised to choose the highest deductible you can afford to absorb in the event of a loss. Since homeowners claims happen rarely it is almost always better to pocket the lower premium by choosing a higher deductible and saving claims for a truly rainy day.

Worried you aren’t completely covered? Consider purchasing an umbrella insurance policy that extends your liability coverage above and beyond what is provided by your homeowner’s policy.

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Kovalev Insurance Provides a variety of homeowner’s protection policies including:


High Value Homeowners

Landlord and Tenant Occupied Insurance Policies

Valuable Items Insurance

Because you are important to us, each client receives a one-on-one consultation and we will offer personalized solutions to meet your individual needs.

We would love to answer any questions that you might have. Our policies have all the bells and whistles and you can typically bundle the unit owner’s policy with your auto insurance for significant discounts on both.

Contact Kovalev Insurance today and request a complimentary consultation to ensure your property and family are properly protected.

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