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This is my third year with Kovalev Insurance, and I must say I cannot ask for a better agency. They take care of all my insurance needs, home, second home, and auto. They listen to me and always seem to be able to find policies that match my needs. Michael and Yulia, are smart, knowledgeable, and professional. They will answer phone calls right away. They will always write back to your email questions. The people at Kovalev Insurance know their trade, have common sense, and as an added bonus they are even nice to you!
- Mirang Y

I have been a customer for about 10 years. I have all my cars and my home insured with Kovalev Insurance. They are hard working and reliable, honest people who appreciate their customers business. The customer service I receive from all staff is very professional, prompt and helpful. Strongly recommended!- Michael M.

I have used Kovalev Insurance for about a year now and couldn't be happier. I am very glad that I moved from my old provider to Kovalev Insurance. The customer service is unparalleled, the rates are terrific, and they're local! Five stars all around!- Bob A.

I shudder in general to give 4 or 5 stars to an INSURANCE company. It's freakin' Insurance!!! There should be laws in general against this.

But I must say, given the necessity, Kovalev has been surprisingly personable, helpful, and - dare I say it - seriously customer oriented.

I consider myself having above average intelligence, but the first time you have a question to ask of Mike, you know he knows his business inside and out, and your case, and how you fit in/where he can help. With the Sept 18th wind/rain storm, and then with Hurricane Sandy, we had major limbs fall and hit fences and decks - but not the house. He walked me through what was otherwise new territory for me - submitting a claim. And what may happen if you submit a second and third claim. Putting that information in perspective (that you are more or less limited to the # of claims you can make over a time period), he helped me to arrive at the conclusion that for the non-disasterous items (like tree limbs), I'm better off paying a higher deductible and pocketing the lower annual premium for those small instances.

They are emailable, and don't shy away from this method of communication. I work in an open office, til 6, so it's hard for me to find time before 5 to pull myself away to a conference room to make a phone call.

Lastly, I was recently in a tiny fender bender that was my fault, and the rates went up. They reviewed other companies on my behalf/without me asking!, and found me a lower rate with another company with the same coverage. What would have been a $250/year increase, is now only $60.

So, I unfortunately must give credit where it is due - even if it's insurance :)- James R Watertown, MA

I have been their customer for over 5 years, have both of my cars and the house insured with them. They are hard working and reliable, honest people who appreciate their customer business. Strongly recommended!- Vadim G Nadick, MA

High level customer service and very knowledgeable about the industry. Precisely what an agent should be. Highly recommended.

Update: Mike has been my agent since 2010. Never been disappointed. Ive also worked in auto insurance industry since that time, and can fully confirm, he really knows what he's talking about.- Lev K Sherborn, MA

This guy!!!! I love him. I had insurance through a different company, but I was pretty confused by the words in the policy and what I should have, so I talked to them anyway on the hopes they were nice enough to help a girl out. Michael Kovalev took me from my very beginner questions (like, "What the heck is renter's insurance?") all the way to explaining what a policy was, explaining each and every line on my policy, and recommending what I should have. He never once tried to get me to sign up for anything or make any money from me; he just patiently answered all of my questions and wished me a great day. Great guy.

Then, months later, my renewal for my current insurance came along with a price hike, and I emailed him panicked. He ran quotes for me and found me one that still had everything we'd talked about 6 months earlier but was much cheaper. Then, he asked questions I'd never even think of to get the price even lower ("If you can get a copy of your license from 2003, then your premium will go down." What?? Who thinks of that?). When I sent him an "Ok, let's do it", he sent me papers immediately and within an hour I got an email saying that my new insurance policy was all set and he had taken care of the old one. Sweet.

The customer service here - it's not even customer service, it's just plain caring about people - is amazing. A+ I had no idea insurance people could be cool. Also, A+++ for doing everything via email so I don't even have to go outside in the snow to do all of this.- Susan R San Francisco, CA

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