What Does a MA Electrical Contractor Need for Insurance?




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All contractors and specialist technicians in Massachusetts need insurance. None more so than electrical contractors. Electricity and risk go hand in hand, and at any moment, a bad connection can unplug even the most highly skilled electrician. But with the right insurance, a liability claim won’t close you down.


Basic Insurance for any MA electrician should include:

Loss of business income

General liability

Business auto insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance


But being an electrical contractor is highly specialized and calls for specialized insurance: Artisan Contractor’s Insurance for Electricians.


What is Artisan Contractor’s Insurance?

Artisan Contractor’s Insurance offers general liability insurance for specialist businesses, like electrical contractors.


How Much Does Insurance for Electrical Contractors in Massachusetts Cost?

Electrical work is inherently risky. That’s why the best insurance for MA electricians can have higher premiums. When shopping around for Artisan Contractor’s Insurance for Electricians, it’s important not to make decisions solely on lower costs. You should make decisions based on quality information from expert local insurance agents offering the best insurance at the best price. The quality insurance agents at the Kovalev Insurance Agency in Newton, Mass, are familiar with the unique risks and costs involved in electrical work. For years, the Kovalev Insurance agents have been customizing the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance packages for electrical contractor businesses in Newton, Wellesley, Needham, and beyond.


What’s included in Artisan Contractor’s Insurance for Electricians?

Kovalev Artisan Contractor’s Insurance policies cover liability claims for

• Personal and third-party injury

• Professional liability

• Property damage

• Medical claims

• Contract delays due to equipment failure or breakdown


Every Kovalev Insurance Artisan Contractor’s Insurance policy is unique and tailor-made for individual electrical contractors and independent electrical businesses. Are you the best one-man electrical contractor in Needham? Don’t get insurance suitable for a multi-employee electrical contracting company in Newton. Do you only do residential work? Don’t buy insurance for commercial-property electrical contractors.


More Electrical Training May Lower Premiums

Wherever it’s used, today’s electricity is high-tech. Even small-home owners are demanding complex electrical systems. Staying on top of the latest and greatest products and systems takes time, effort, and money. But did you know that training your highly skilled certified MA electricians will lower the cost of your insurance? 

You know electricity, we know Massachusetts commercial insurance coverage. We make sure you have the correct information so you can get the proper training not only to remain the best electrician in the Newton area, but so you can get the best value-for-money insurance policies.


You provide the highest quality electrical service in the Newton, MA, region. That’s why you need the best Artisan Contractor’s Insurance. 

For more information on the best artisan contractor insurance coverage in Massachusetts, contact Kovalev Insurance Agency.  We’re here to power you.

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